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The Christmas Eve Letter by Elyse Douglas


The Christmas Eve Letter by Elyse Douglas is the most delightful time slip novel. It is the first book in the Time Travel Novel series and I cannot wait to read more, more, more. In spite of the title, this book is a perfect read all year round.

The action is set from October to Christmas, moving from 2016 to 1885 in the most incredible way. I always love time slip novels. Here, the wrongs of the past need to be righted. What will the effect be on the future? Love is the motivation, love and a romantic heart.

In 1885 women were definitely seen as second class citizens to be used and discarded by men. A female doctor is viewed with suspicion. It’s okay for females to be nurses, but a doctor is seen as men’s work! Add a very modern miss to this mix and see how things are shaken up.

There is the theme of trust. Having done research, there are certain people the heroine knows not to trust, but what about the others?

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The Silversmith’s Daughter by Annie Murray


The Silversmith’s Daughter by Annie Murray is a comprehensive historical novel set during World War I from 1915 in Birmingham. As Birmingham is my home town, I loved knowing the familiar locations. The Jewellery Quarter is well known to me as I have most of my rings and earrings from there!

The Silversmith’s Daughter shows life on the home front. We see the effects of war on the families left behind. World War I was a slaughterhouse of young men who were merely cannon fodder. The grief is palpable. “Her reaching out to God was like a howl that she felt from the very core of her.” The grief hits and never goes away. Communities and families drowned in grief.

There is the theme of single mothers. In 1915 unwed mothers and their children were seen as a source of shame. The Silversmith’s Daughter explodes this myth as a character is surrounded by love. “This is a child, not a dirty secret.”

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52 Weekly Devotions For Families Called To Serve by Karen Whiting

A Real Gem

52 Weekly Devotions For Families Called To Serve by Karen Whiting – wow what an absolute gem for families. It is beautifully presented with colour to draw the reader in. It is recommended for families with children aged 4 – 12 years but I think you could push those boundaries as you are never too old or too young to learn about God. The devotional is aimed at families who serve but all families would benefit from time spent with God.

As the title suggests there are 52 devotions to cover the whole year. There is no official starting point so you can begin at any time of year. Each devotion has a family beatitude, focus and weekly Bible verse as a header. Then there are activities, a read aloud devotion and a Bible story connection. Then there are Biblical quotes with discussion points or questions as starting points for conversation. Each devotion ends with scrapbook suggestions, tips and a prayer. It may sound like a lot but each devotion is spread over just four pages for the whole week. You can do as much or as little as you have time for.

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Test Of Faith by Bonnie S Hirst

Inspirational Faith

Test Of Faith: Surviving My Daughter’s Life Sentence by Bonnie S Hirst is the true story of the remarkable faith of a mother whose daughter is serving a life sentence. This book is truly inspiring. At times there are naturally wobbles in the author’s faith but she clings to the hope that God is good. Circumstances may be awful but God is still good.

There are times when Bonnie Hirst asks “Where are You, God?” Sometimes it feels like God is absent but God never leaves us. He sends people alongside us at just the right time to support us.

Prayer is important. When our prayers are seemingly unanswered, it is normal to wonder “Did I not pray correctly?” Prayer is not a magic formula nor a lamp to be rubbed. Prayer is always answered in God’s way and in His timing. Prayer should come from the heart. It may be as simple as “Dear Lord be with us.”

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