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Unbound by Eleanor Bertin

Full Of Promise

Unbound by Eleanor Bertin is a marvellous contemporary Christian retelling of the story of Ruth. It has been bought bang up to date so that modern audiences can identify with Ruth and see the love of God in action.

When tragedy strikes, it is normal to ask “Why didn’t God prevent evil?” God gave us free will and with our choices come pain and heartache. Whatever we face, God never abandons us. “No matter what happens, your Maker walks with you.” God feels our pain and hurt. He offers us His love as we walk through life.

God is the God of new beginnings and second chances. “Although I am a great sinner, Jesus is a great rescuer.” He takes our pasts, redeems us and offers us a new start.

There are some difficult subjects that are presented with sensitivity. Eleanor Bertin shows the heart and love of God for His children.

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