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Wish You Joy by Jan Thompson

Come Home

Wish You Joy by Jan Thompson is a delightful Christian romance set around the theme of Christmas but is perfect for any time of year. It is the ninth book in the Savannah Sweethearts series but can be read as a stand-alone.

We should carry Christmas in our hearts all year round because the focus of Christmas should be Jesus. He should be at the centre of our lives. Christmas has become far too commercialised. “Let’s claim it [Christmas] back for Christ.”

Life may be tough but some burdens were never ours to carry. We need to surrender them to God. “I carry the burden no more… He [God] is able.” God’s shoulders are big enough to carry whatever we give Him.

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Find You Again by Jan Thompson

Delightful And Amusing

Find You Again by Jan Thompson is a delightful Christian romance. It is the eighth book in the Savannah Sweethearts series but can be read as a stand-alone.

We all have a past. If we do not deal with past issues, they may become present difficulties. The novel shows that if we try to conceal past sins, the burden will drag us down. As Christians we need to live in the light. Old secrets must be dealt with or we will build a wedge between us and others, and us and God. “The hidden sin that had pulled him away from God was no more.” Confession is good for the soul and it is freeing.

There is the theme of fathers. Sometimes our earthly fathers are absent. Our heavenly Father never leaves us and he can be trusted.

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Kiss You Now by Jan Thompson

Crossing Your Jordan

Kiss You Now by Jan Thompson is the most heart-warming contemporary Christian novel that reveals the heart of God to the reader. It is the seventh book in the Savannah Sweethearts but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel shows that no one is too old to be used by God. There is no retirement for the Christian. While we still have breath, there is work to be done for Jesus – a hurting world needs to know Him.

The main characters were wonderfully drawn and a mixture of mature, new and lapsed Christians. Pastor Hiram at a hundred and three years old was inspirational in his faith. “He [God] will sort out the junk from the jewels” – a real gem. Pastor Hiram lives, continually doing Kingdom business. “Do God’s will God’s way.” He lives with one eye on eternity, looking forward to seeing Jesus.

Within the novel two lead characters are both recovering from past events that are strangling the life out of them. “Do not let your past paralyze you from God’s purpose.” If we live in the past, we will miss out on all that God has for us in the present and the future. With God’s help we can move from our fears. We may need to keep giving our fears to God until we ‘feel’ His peace.

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Zero Sum by Jan Thompson

One More Piece Of The Puzzle

Zero Sum by Jan Thompson is a Christian suspense surrounding the topic of cyber-crime. It is the first book in the Binary Hackers series.

Not being particularly good at all things technical, I found some of the action blinded me. I wasn’t always sure what was happening, however it did not detract from my enjoyment of the story.

Zero Sum was a tense thriller that had me questioning who could be trusted? No one except God. Suspicion lurked around every corner. There were also themes of healing, friendship, grace and new beginnings. There were plenty of Godly lesson to be learnt. The past is gone. We cannot wallow in it but we can learn lessons from it. How do you break free from your past when it seems to keep chasing you?

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