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Little Luke’s Big Heart by David Chisholm


Little Luke’s Big Heart by David Chisholm is the true story of life with Luke who was diagnosed with health problems in the womb. This is one amazing family who have coped with everything that life has thrown at them. Their faith in God is truly inspiring. “How should I live out my faith when I get gut-punched by life?” David Chisholm’s answer is to trust God and to lean into Him. There really are times when running to God is the only option.

David Chisholm writes with humour about many things including the medical trials that they faced. Little Luke went through so much but still their faith and humour remain.

David Chisholm has compiled lists of what not to say and what to say to those facing medical problems. He also has a list of how to survive long spells in hospital.

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I Am Not A Victim by Adah Dobele

Trust And Obey

I Am Not A Victim by Adah Dobele – wow this is a powerful book to help us to live the life God wants us to live.

We need to know God and be fully committed to him. “We cannot have one foot in the world and another in Christ.” We need to draw close to God and become intimately acquainted with Him so that we recognise His voice and can ‘hear’ His quietest whisper. We need to live in faith and not fear. I am who God says I am. I am not what the world calls me. I need to live with my focus on God.

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Reviving The Commander by Nadine C Keels

No Retirement Plans

Reviving The Commander by Nadine C Keels is a Christian romance and the first in the Crowns Legacy series.

The book revolves around the theme of love in later life. You are never too old to fall in love. We must not exclude ourselves from life when God’s not finished with us. If we are still breathing then God has a plan for our lives. There are no retirement plans in God’s kingdom.

There is a wonderful family atmosphere throughout the novel. Family is important from the youngest to the oldest member. There were some delightful interactions between two year old Joshua and Miss Opal.

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The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke

Adonai Will Make A Way

The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke is a Christian historical novel set in Poland during World War II. The foundations of the story are factual. Using Cathy Gohlke’s creative imagination a fictional story has been woven around the facts. It is a powerful story that will consume the reader. It tears at your emotions as we see the very worst of humanity and the very best.

The story surrounds two couples – one couple are Polish Jews, the other is a Polish pilot and his English wife. The  novel is set mainly in Poland and closely follows all of the characters.

The reader sees the terrible conditions faced by all Poles but especially the Polish Jews who are herded into the Warsaw ghetto. As “the noose tightens day by day”, the question was asked “where was the world?” It seemed that Poland had been abandoned and no one cared.

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