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Don Roberto’s Daughter: Natasha by Connor Royce

Faithful God

Don Roberto’s Daughter: Natasha by Connor Royce is a Christian romance that will delight the reader. It is set in Mexico and America with a real cosmopolitan feel to it.

The novel is about awakenings in God and prodigals returning. “She wanted to pray like she had as a child, when God was as easy to talk to as her Papa.” When we have known God, if we drift away, we are still anchored to Him and it feels as if something is missing until we return to Him. It may surprise us to know that God misses us too. “How strange… that God could miss her.” God awaits our return.

We all need people who will help us in our Christian walk. We may need encouragement to keep walking faithfully. The greatest gift a new Christian can receive is a Bible as then we can read God’s word for ourselves. “Her spirit had awakened and it was hungry.”

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