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Redemption by Ione Joy

His Plans

Redemption by Ione Joy is an End Times novel and the second book in The Armoire series. I recommend reading book one first.

Redemption is a cautionary tale set after the Rapture (in book one). It sees the fulfilment of prophecies in Revelation. The world is divided into those who stand for Jesus and those who are for the Beast. The Beast believes that he can defeat the world but we know that Jesus has the victory.

In Redemption there is a job to be done. Only when God’s plans are completed can we move on. God commands His angels to protect His children. When we know God we can have peace and hope in the midst of our trials.

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The Armoire by Ione Joy

God’s Rescue Plan

The Armoire by Ione Joy is a Christian allegory warning of the end times. It is beautifully written as the reader ‘travels’ through the story to the rapture. Very much a product of the author’s imagination combining with scripture, especially from Revelation.

The Armoire is a cautionary tale. It tells of God’s rescue plan. It also warns of the perils of turning from God – “a fearful gnashing of teeth.”

I was reminded very much of A Christmas Carol as the main character glimpsed things yet to come.

Very much grounded in God, the reader witnesses our need to be in a relationship with Him. We need to trust God and be His representatives here on earth.

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