Anumpa Warrior by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer


Anumpa Warrior: Choctaw Talkers Of WWI by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is a marvellous epic Christian historical read preserving the memory of the role of the Choctaw Indians in WWI. I knew nothing about these brave men but have been educated upon reading this book.

The reader is given some background into the treatment of the Choctaws in America. Horrifically they could be punished for speaking their own language and were seen as inferior to white Americans. Ironically it would be their native tongue that would play a crucial role in WWI.

The Choctaw people were not savages, although the Germans believed them capable of barbaric acts and were scared of them. The Choctaws knew God, thanks to missionaries. “I didn’t have the answers for all the tragedies in this corrupted world, but I knew the eternal answer.” When life is tough we must focus on the world to come. The Choctaws knew to put their trust in God. “He was all around me, in life and death… I made the decision to put my trust in Him.”

War ages people. “I was like a child with memories of an old man.” Things are seen in war that cannot be unseen. WWI was horrific. Men died horribly. If they were lucky to survive the war, they returned with scars that were not always visible.

There was a camaraderie among the men. Maybe even more so among the Choctaws, united by a common language and heritage.

This was a fabulous epic read. As a historian with a passion for WWI, I had no idea of the role played by the Choctaws. I had not even heard of them. I have now, thanks to Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer’s research and marvellously woven tale. My thirst for knowledge, education and a jolly good story have all been satisfied within the pages of Anumpa Warrior.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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