The Light by Robert Jones

Breathtakingly Beautiful

The Light by Robert Jones is the most beautiful children’s Christian book that answers the question ‘why am I here?’

I think The Light is suitable for ages four to adult. It is perfect to read to young children, accessible for early readers and simply beautiful for adults.

There is great beauty in the text. Its simplicity belies a deeper meaning. Let the words sink into your soul. “There are days of clouds and … of sun. Through it all, the Light shines.” Jesus, the Light of the world never leaves us, no matter how awful our external circumstances seem, He is right there beside us.

We are to carry Jesus with us everywhere all the time. “Whatever your path, the Light is within you.” This reminds the reader of the Biblical words ‘let your light shine before men.’

To complement the beautiful words are the most beautiful illustrations, some by the author and six other illustrators. The illustrations are just breathtakingly beautiful. Every time I look at them, the beauty just sinks into my soul. I had a copy to look at on the computer, I can only imagine the tactile pleasure of holding the book in my hands.

I loved the fact that we never see the faces of the children. This enables the reader to insert themselves into the situation. The illustrations will make great talking and discussion points with children… what can they see? How do they feel? Where are they in the picture?

I think The Light would be a perfect addition to every Sunday school and every classroom, as well as every home. Perfect for teachers, parents and grandparents.

I cannot praise The Light highly enough – but don’t take my word for it, buy a copy for yourself today.

Simply beautiful.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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