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Love’s Unending Grace by Jenna Brandt

Trusting In The Dark

Love’s Unending Grace by Jenna Brandt is a powerful and moving Christian historical novel dealing with war and loss.

Set in 1918, America has been in World War I for a while. Losses have been felt. War never leaves people untouched. Some cope well. Others fall to pieces seeking solace in alcohol.

War always leaves scars. Some are visible. Others are hidden. Today we would diagnose PTSD but it was unheard of in 1918.

The novel is about loss. Loss consumes. “The hole left by his absence never seemed to disappear.” We have to face a new ‘normal’. Life is never the same again.

In our loss it is all too easy to become angry – with others, ourselves and even God. God can take our anger and our pain, if we let Him.

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The Sister by Louise Jensen

Dancing In A Pink Tutu

The Sister by Louise Jensen is a marvellous and gripping contemporary psychological thriller. It had me reading with my heart in my mouth. It is a fabulous, well thought out novel.

How well do we know people? One face is presented to the world but underneath it is quite different.

Family matters. How far would you go to find your family? What secrets will you unearth?

Love is what we are all searching for. At the end of the day. love is what matters most. We all want people to love us.

The novel is a study in grief. “Grief is crushing, isolating. lonely.” Grief hurts. For some grief consumes and “grief has pushed us apart like repelling magnets.” How do we recover from loss?

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An Extraordinary Storm by Noemi Holton

A Faithful God

An Extraordinary Storm by Noemi Holton is the true story of health problems and a faithful God. It is a quick but comprehensive read.

God still speaks even when we are not conscious. He knows our needs and can give us a peace that passes understanding, even in the time of great troubles.

Noemi Holton spent some time in a coma but was still aware of people speaking, showing the need to talk to coma patients.

Family means everything to Noemi Holton. She will move mountains to keep hers together.

Noemi Holton is a brave lady, enduring her health problems. Her testimony is inspiring. God is faithful.




The Fear by C.L. Taylor


The Fear by C.L. Taylor is a marvellous contemporary psychological thriller. It grips from the start as the reader holds on for a nail biting read.

This is not a pleasant read as the main theme is the grooming of teenage girls. There are no intimate details but the reader reads on with a sense of fear and in trepidation. We feel horror as we witness and recognise the manipulation techniques. Everything in me was screaming “don’t fall for his words.” Whether anyone did or not, you will have to read to find out.

The novel messes with your mind as it alternates between who has the upper hand.

The action is set in 1989 and 2007. Each chapter has a unique voice and is written in the first person. It is not confusing as each chapter is headed by the voice.

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