The Sister by Louise Jensen

Dancing In A Pink Tutu

The Sister by Louise Jensen is a marvellous and gripping contemporary psychological thriller. It had me reading with my heart in my mouth. It is a fabulous, well thought out novel.

How well do we know people? One face is presented to the world but underneath it is quite different.

Family matters. How far would you go to find your family? What secrets will you unearth?

Love is what we are all searching for. At the end of the day. love is what matters most. We all want people to love us.

The novel is a study in grief. “Grief is crushing, isolating. lonely.” Grief hurts. For some grief consumes and “grief has pushed us apart like repelling magnets.” How do we recover from loss?

We all pick up scars in life. Not all scars are visible. “My scars are no longer visible but I carry them all the same.” Hidden scars, deeply buried may motivate action for good or evil.

Parents shape us for good or bad. Parting from our parents as children will always affect us. We will carry burdens with us into adulthood.

The novel is written in the first person from the main characters point of view. It alternates between ‘then’ and ‘now’. The reader tries to join the pieces.

The Sister is chilling. The Sister consumes. The Sister messes with minds. I loved it as I immersed myself in the action with rising pulse and galloping heart. The love of a forever friendship contrasted sharply with the jealousy and hatred of another. Ultimately it was grief that motivated actions for good or evil.

A fabulous debut novel. I shall certainly be reading more by Louise Jensen.




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