Love’s Unending Grace by Jenna Brandt

Trusting In The Dark

Love’s Unending Grace by Jenna Brandt is a powerful and moving Christian historical novel dealing with war and loss.

Set in 1918, America has been in World War I for a while. Losses have been felt. War never leaves people untouched. Some cope well. Others fall to pieces seeking solace in alcohol.

War always leaves scars. Some are visible. Others are hidden. Today we would diagnose PTSD but it was unheard of in 1918.

The novel is about loss. Loss consumes. “The hole left by his absence never seemed to disappear.” We have to face a new ‘normal’. Life is never the same again.

In our loss it is all too easy to become angry – with others, ourselves and even God. God can take our anger and our pain, if we let Him.

There are suicidal thoughts in the story. This is understandable and sensitively done.

We need God. We need Him even more in times of war when there is nowhere else to go. “What’s hard is maintaining faith even when the outcome isn’t what you want.” Faith is trusting God in the dark. We have no choice but to cling to Him if we want to survive.

Love’s Unending Grace is a very powerful story about the damaging effects of war. Individuals go to fight but whole communities are devastated.

I always enjoy Jenna Brandt’s novels but I think this one is my favourite so far. Such a powerful read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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