Puzzle House by Lillian Duncan

The Heart Of God

Puzzle House by Lillian Duncan – oh wow what an amazingly beautiful and heartfelt novel about life, love and the heart of God. Puzzle House contains scripture and shows how we can apply it to our lives. The Bible is our instruction manual for life here on earth. Of all the novels I have read (and I have read a lot), Puzzle House has something extra special about it – an ethereal calm that can only come from writing inspired by God.

The novel shows how life is like a puzzle, made up of moments that fit together. “We only get to live our life one piece at a time.” Life is not always good but “the ugly pieces were just as necessary as the pretty pieces.” When life is hard, we need to trust that God is still good.

Love binds us together. God’s love is deep and wide. “God don’t care nothing about me.” This is a lie the enemy wants us to believe. We need to silence the voice and know that God doesn’t create nobodies.” Each one of us is uniquely made by God for a purpose that is ours and ours alone to fulfil.

The novel is about healing. Healing may happen here or in heaven. Healing is more than just our physical well being. Our souls need to be healed too. “Healing is… like this lamp. I’m just the cord. God is the power source… you have to be the one to flick the switch.” God is the ultimate physician and He has the final word. “It’s still up to God, no matter what the doctors say.”

Jesus changes lives. “When you have a visit from Jesus it changes everything.” An encounter with Jesus will never leave us the same.

We all have different giftings. We need to use our gifts and not waste them. Our giftings come from God.

Life is made up of choices. When things happen, we can choose how to respond. Our attitude needs to be one of gratitude at all times. “I think you need a good yelling session with Him.” God can handle our disappointments. At all times He wants us to choose Him because He loves us.

Puzzle House drew me in from the start. There was a warmth in Lillian Duncan’s writing that spoke to my heart. I had questions about the action that I wanted answered and they were. As I read on I ‘caught’ something of the heart of God.

Puzzle House is not a novel to be read and cast aside. It is a novel to be revisited again and again. I believe that God is speaking through Lillian Duncan’s words. God is speaking uniquely to each one of us. I believe that each time I reread Puzzle House I will gain more understanding of God’s heart for His children.

Such a beautiful novel.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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