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Puzzle House by Lillian Duncan

The Heart Of God

Puzzle House by Lillian Duncan – oh wow what an amazingly beautiful and heartfelt novel about life, love and the heart of God. Puzzle House contains scripture and shows how we can apply it to our lives. The Bible is our instruction manual for life here on earth. Of all the novels I have read (and I have read a lot), Puzzle House has something extra special about it – an ethereal calm that can only come from writing inspired by God.

The novel shows how life is like a puzzle, made up of moments that fit together. “We only get to live our life one piece at a time.” Life is not always good but “the ugly pieces were just as necessary as the pretty pieces.” When life is hard, we need to trust that God is still good.

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Game On by Lillian Duncan

Forgiveness Is Freeing

gameGame On by Lillian Duncan is a contemporary Christian thriller and what a fantastic one it is. Lillian Duncan draws the reader in from the start and keeps them guessing to the end.

A major theme is that of forgiveness. Forgiveness is freeing – not only to the person forgiven but also the one doing the forgiving. “She had a choice. Stay stuck in the past. Or forgive.” Too many times people stay focused on the past, unable to forgive, unable to move forwards. “You don’t want me to forgive him?… He doesn’t deserve it.” Does anyone deserve forgiveness? God forgives us because of His amazing grace. We need to extend grace to others and forgive because we are forgiven.

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