The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller

Wonderfully Refreshing

The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller is the most delightful Christian historical romance. It is a debut novel  and the first in the Regency Brides series which promises to be wonderful.

The novel is very reminiscent of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice, my favourite read, with prejudices and misunderstandings as well as the desire of mothers to make good matches for their daughters.

Carolyn Miller has drawn some wonderful characters. Her heroine is a very modern lady for 1813, with a social conscience. Her forward thinking enables children to be educated. She gives of herself both physically and materially. Her heart rules her head in matters of the poor.

The hero is likable and also misunderstood. His duty stands in the way of his conscience at times as he adapts to a new season in his life. A decorated war hero and champion of his men, he suffers from what we now know as PTSD. The reader feels his anguish and pain. “He’s seen plenty of men pray and still end up dead.”

Prayer is important. it is not to be used as a bargaining tool with God. “He wished he knew how to pray.” God does hear our heartfelt prayers and answers them.

The past has a hold on some. “She was supposed to remind people of God’s love, not their sins.” We are all sinners in need of a Saviour. Modelling God’s love will always attract others to Him.

There is the theme of forgiveness. “Unforgiveness holds us slaves.” We must deal with our past, forgive and move into our future.

Grief is another theme. It is raw and when it strikes, we can feel that “God was so very far away. ” In our sorrow, we shut God and others out.

There is the theme of transformation. In Jesus, we can all have a new beginning. It is wonderful to witness characters knowing Jesus.

There is the theme of priorities. Some see people, others see merely money and status.

The novel is set in a village in Gloucestershire and in London. The freshness and the openness of the countryside contrasts with smog and stifling air and attitudes of London.

Inheritance is another theme. We inherit not only money and position but more importantly attitudes and outlook from our ancestors.

The Elusive Miss Ellison is such a fabulous debut novel. It really spoke to my heart with lovable characters with hearts for everyone.

A fabulous read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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