Almond Street Mission by June Foster

A Soldier For God

Almond Street Mission by June Foster is a perfectly wonderful Christian contemporary novel that has its focus on the plight of the homeless and God’s love.

God’s love is for everyone. There are no exceptions. “I’m not good enough for God.” The bad news is, no one is good enough for God. The good news is, God’s grace covers us all.

The homeless are often ignored, or worse, abused. People look past them but God sees each and everyone. “Each one was an individual valuable in God’s eyes.” We all have a unique story and all fit uniquely into God’s plans.

Sometimes people are rejected by their earthly parents. “How could God love me when my Mom doesn’t?” God is the perfect parent us loves each one of us. There are no rejects in God’s life.

Life can be hard. People turn to alcohol, drugs, anything to fill the hole. We all have a hole in our lives that only God can fill. Nothing else will ever satisfy. “Every man has a… space only God can occupy.” Anything less than God is short term pleasure.

There are the themes of sowing, reaping and harvesting God’s love. It is the job of each and every one of us to spread the name of Jesus everywhere we go. We may not see the fruits of our harvest or we may reap another’s harvest. This is not important. The important thing is that people know Jesus.

Everyone needs hope. Without hope, the people will perish.

The theme of forgiveness is vital. We must not hold on to bitterness or our burdens will become heavy and swallow us up. We must give forgiveness, whether we think the person deserves it or not. Whether the person is repentant or not. That is not our business, that is God’s business. Ours is to forgive.

God’s plans are the best. We need to surrender our lives to Him. When we ‘feel’ God prompting us to act, we must heed Him and be obedient to His call on our lives.

Knowing who to trust is important. God can be trusted. He longs for us to have faith and to put our hands into His.

Almond Street Mission was a wonderful novel. It not only opened my eyes to the plight of the homeless but it revealed the heart of God.

A delightful read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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3 thoughts on “Almond Street Mission by June Foster

  1. The review that said “It not only opened my eyes to the plight of the homeless but it revealed the heart of God” makes me interested in this book! I have not yet read any books by June Foster, but I now want to try her.

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