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Sunshine by Joy Ohagwu

You Are So Good


Sunshine by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian suspense. It is the ninth and final book in the New Rulebook series and what a cracking end it is. The book even contains a bonus chapter. Everything is neatly wrapped up.

Sunshine focuses on mission. We are all called to be missionaries – some in our neighbourhoods, others overseas. Most of this book is set in Cambodia. Through comprehensive descriptions, the reader ‘feels’ the heat and ‘experiences’ the landscape, whilst ‘seeing’ the poverty.

In contrast to the west, the people are rich in spirit. They share what they have with those in need. Even in their poverty, they give. They have huge thankful and grateful hearts.

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Rest by Joy Ohagwu

A Teaser And A Recap

Rest by Joy Ohagwu is a contemporary novella. It is the eighth book in The New Rulebook series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Rest recaps on some of the previous action as well as setting the scene for what is to come. It is both a teaser and a reminder to the reader.

It is wonderful that the reader gets to see the family relaxing and interacting together, after all their adventures. The reader really ‘sees’ the human side to the characters.

A great little read which I enjoyed. I am eagerly awaiting the ninth book in the series and looking forward to the family’s next adventure.

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Freedom by Joy Ohagwu

New Creations

Freedom by Joy Ohagwu is a contemporary Christian suspense. It is the seventh book in the New Rulebook series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Freedom continues the story of the Towers as Robert is fighting a presidential campaign. God is very much at the centre of the novel. In Him we are new creations, no matter what our past. God has redeemed us and if we recognise His calling on our lives, we will be much richer.

The past has the power to affect our future. Joy Ohagwu shows how we need to rob the past of its power by submitting our lives to God. “I won’t clutch the rags of my past when a glorious future awaits at His feet.” We need to trust God and follow His plan for our lives. We need to be “trusting God in chaos.”

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Delivered by Joy Ohagwu

The Battle Of The Old And The New

Delivered by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian contemporary suspense. It is the sixth book in the New Rulebook series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This New Rulebook series has been a cracking one. Delivered focuses on Pete Zendel. Delivered shows how God is the God of the new. He is the God of restoration. He takes the old version of us and begins to transform us into the image of His Son.

Delivered has many Godly themes including that of the importance of prayer. “So he went to God in prayer for direction.” Prayer is essential at all times. Prayer is just talking to God and building a relationship with Him.

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