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Delivered by Joy Ohagwu

The Battle Of The Old And The New

Delivered by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian contemporary suspense. It is the sixth book in the New Rulebook series but can be read as a stand-alone.

This New Rulebook series has been a cracking one. Delivered focuses on Pete Zendel. Delivered shows how God is the God of the new. He is the God of restoration. He takes the old version of us and begins to transform us into the image of His Son.

Delivered has many Godly themes including that of the importance of prayer. “So he went to God in prayer for direction.” Prayer is essential at all times. Prayer is just talking to God and building a relationship with Him.

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Rescued by Joy Ohagwu

Fighting In Prayer

Rescued by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian suspense novel. It is the fifth book in the New Rulebook series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Rescued has the theme of faith and trust in God. In desperate situations where we see no answer, the answer, the answer is to trust God. “Trusting God completely. No more fear.” Faith and fear are opposites. If we have faith, there is no need to fear.

Prayer is important. “Faith grew in her heart the more she prayed… she trusted God.” Prayer will help to strengthen our faith and build a relationship with God. God always hears and answers prayer but not always in the way we want or when we want. In times of difficulty being able to mobilise a prayer team is vital. “The prayer team members formed an emergency prayer line.” Just knowing that others stand with you is a comfort and fighting every battle on your knees is a must.

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Decoy by Joy Ohagwu

Be Still

decoyDecoy by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian murder mystery and try as I might, I could not guess the outcome! It is the first book in the Elliot Kings series.

The novel shows the importance of persistent prayer. “Haunt Heaven’s doors day and night until God intervenes.” There are times when all we can do is cry out to Jesus. We need to remember to listen and be obedient to Him too. “God had said to take the job.”

Prayer is not just for times of crisis. We should pray at all times. “She sent a prayer of gratitude to God.” Prayer is just talking to God. It is part of being in a relationship with God.

Decoy shows that we need to know God’s word so that in times of crisis we can remember the promises of God. “I hold on to His Word.”

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UnBound Hope by Joy Ohagwu

Trusting God

UnboundUnbound Hope by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian romantic suspense novel and what a cracking one it is. It is the second book in the Pleasant Hearts series but can be read as a stand-alone. Unbound Hope is Erica and Jim’s story.

Unbound Hope gives God the glory as it focuses on the power of God and the power of prayer. “Remember who you are and whose you are.” God longs to have a relationship with each and every one of us. He wants to be part of every area of our lives. Being a Christian does not prevent bad things from happening but when they do, God walks alongside us. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Prayer is just a conversation with God. Jim prays to God about every area of his life. “Talk to God before you say no.” He realises the importance of taking everything to God in prayer. Erica has yet to learn this. “Why couldn’t she even pray? Was she afraid to hear God say yes?” Erica fears her past will exclude her from God’s promises.

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