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After 3 by Joy Ohagwu

Second Chances

After 3 by Joy Ohagwu is a poignant Christian romance. It is a novel about second chances, new beginnings and a God who longs to fulfil our dreams.

Grief can cause us to drown with the weight of the past. It will rob us of our future if we let it. “Grief is a thief… Don’t let it steal the man she loved.” It can be hard to recover from our pain. We need good friends and God in our lives.

We all have hopes and dreams. When our dreams appear to be shattered, it can take our hope too. We need to turn to God who has a far greater plan for our lives than we could ever imagine.

Good friends will help us through the trials of life.

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Unveiled Truth by Joy Ohagwu


Unveiled Truth by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian contemporary romantic thriller which I really enjoyed.

The reader is drawn into the story from the start as the opening gets you asking questions and trying to predict the action. Little teasers appear throughout before the jaw dropping ending.

Being set in Africa, life contrasts with America. Here, to be a Christian is dangerous. To convert to Christianity from Islam is positively life threatening. Baptisms must happen behind closed doors.

The focus of the novel is a missionary programme, setting up an orphanage, supporting new Christians and with church building on the agenda.

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Sunshine by Joy Ohagwu

You Are So Good


Sunshine by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian suspense. It is the ninth and final book in the New Rulebook series and what a cracking end it is. The book even contains a bonus chapter. Everything is neatly wrapped up.

Sunshine focuses on mission. We are all called to be missionaries – some in our neighbourhoods, others overseas. Most of this book is set in Cambodia. Through comprehensive descriptions, the reader ‘feels’ the heat and ‘experiences’ the landscape, whilst ‘seeing’ the poverty.

In contrast to the west, the people are rich in spirit. They share what they have with those in need. Even in their poverty, they give. They have huge thankful and grateful hearts.

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Rest by Joy Ohagwu

A Teaser And A Recap

Rest by Joy Ohagwu is a contemporary novella. It is the eighth book in The New Rulebook series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Rest recaps on some of the previous action as well as setting the scene for what is to come. It is both a teaser and a reminder to the reader.

It is wonderful that the reader gets to see the family relaxing and interacting together, after all their adventures. The reader really ‘sees’ the human side to the characters.

A great little read which I enjoyed. I am eagerly awaiting the ninth book in the series and looking forward to the family’s next adventure.

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