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Telling The Gospel Through Story by Christine Dillon

A Great Tool

Telling The Gospel Through Story by Christine Dillon is a powerful evangelistic tool explaining the merits of storytelling. Story telling is not new. It has existed down the centuries. First there was the oral tradition and then the written word. People are drawn to stories. They imagine themselves to be in them and they remember them. A list of facts would be very dry and people would switch off but use those facts as the bones on which to hang a narrative and it is a very different kettle of fish.

Stories are an evangelistic tool. We need to tell the stories of the Bible in our own words, adapting to the needs of the audience to whom we are talking. They need to draw the listener in and awaken something inside that enables the listener to go off and explore this wonderful God for themselves. Our stories are not to replace the Bible but to work in tandem.

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