Still Waters by Lindsey Brackett

Coming Home

Still Waters by Lindsey Brackett is a delightful contemporary Christian novel that deals with love and loss, guilt and forgiveness, secrets and amazing grace. I absolutely adored the warm and welcoming inclusive style of Lindsey Brackett.

The characters were all realistically drawn and likable, with their vulnerabilities and insecurities. My favourite had to be Nan, the matriarch, who just wanted the best for those she loves.

Traumatic events in the past can loom large in the present if we do not deal with them. “You can run from a place but your past will still be there.” Guilt and burdens we were never meant to bear can weigh us down. We all need to receive forgiveness from the face in the mirror.

There are fractured families and a search to belong. Sometimes what we are longing for can be found in a place. It can always be found in a person – and His name is Jesus.

The novel is about preparing to die. Death is not to be feared when we know Jesus and when we know other loved ones will be waiting. To look on death as something glorious and to be celebrated, is a wonderful attitude to have. “You’re already filling my last moments with grief when you should be rejoicing I’m going home.”

There is amazing grace in the novel. “We don’t deserve the grace that saves… Live under forgiveness.” None of us deserve grace. It is a gift freely given.

Still Waters was a really uplifting novel. Lindsey Brackett wrote in such a way that my soul was warmed and my heart rejoiced. The novel really ‘spoke’ to me as characters faced ‘real’ situations. I loved it.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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