Love’s Eternal Breath by Naomi Rawlings

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Love’s Eternal Breath by Naomi Rawlings is the most delightful Christian historical romance. It is the fourth book in the Eagle Harbor series but can be read as a stand-alone. For me, it was wonderful to catch up with familiar faces who feel more like old friends than characters in a book.

The year is 1883, it is a time of innovation in medical procedures. The novel shows the clash between the old and the new practices. Practices that saves lives versus the old order. At times it is like banging ones head against a brick wall as people resist change.

Love’s Eternal Breath shows how we all experience trials and sufferings. We think life as a Christian should be easy but that is not what we are promised – in this world we will have trials but Jesus walks alongside us always. Looking back, we can see God’s hand on our lives. Our trials can be used to glorify God.

The novel has the theme of trust. “He needed to do a better job of trusting.” We need to trust God and we need to trust others. Our lives were not meant to be lived in isolation. We need to live in community both giving and accepting help.

Gossip is dangerous. We are never to gossip. We are never to judge. We are never to jump to conclusions. We need to know the facts and resist the urge to spread rumours.

The novel is about hope. This hope is linked to heaven. “All the suffering on earth gives us reason to hope for heaven.” We can have this hope because of Jesus.

Fear is another theme. We fear the unknown. Fear is the opposite of faith. If we put our faith, hope and trust in God we need not fear.

The novel is about dreams. Dreams can spur us on. We are never too old to dream.

Love permeates the novel. Love motivates us. Love for one another. We are called to love like Jesus. Love is the reason to get up in the morning. Love helps us to reach out to others. Love links to the theme of taking care of the widows and orphans. The novel shows that the characters give what they have to help others. They give out of their riches or poverty and they give of their time.

I absolutely love all the characters in this Eagle Harbor series. They are warm and welcoming. They are richly drawn and they find their way into your heart and soul.

If you have not read the Eagle Harbor series yet, why not? You are missing a real treat. I am hunting out book five now.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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