The Choice by Samantha King

Three Way Knot

The Choice By Samantha King is a marvellous psychological thriller that will have the reader puzzling and guessing throughout. Just when you think you know where you are heading, the action twists and turns, confusing you once more.

 My heart raced throughout, with audible gasps at times. I didn’t just read the novel. I ‘experienced’ the action through the eyes of lead character Maddie. Written in the first person, I ‘felt’ everything Maddie ‘felt’. I was Maddie for the duration of the novel.

As Samantha King presents the action, so the reader questions – what is real? Who can be trusted? Cleverly constructed, the reader wanders the novel in a confused state until the big reveal at the close. The reader mirrors Maddie at every twist and turn.

The novel is about love. The greatest love of all – the love of a mother for her children. A love that consumes and takes over. Love is a highly motivating force. It can be used for both good, and twisted for evil.

There is the theme of loss. “Life simply drifts on – the same yet totally changed.” Loss consumes. Loss takes over. And with loss, comes guilt – for all we did and didn’t do. The boundary between loss and guilt is blurred.

I thought The Choice was a very powerful psychological read. It consumed all my waking moments and I was unable to put the novel down. It messed with my mind. It set my nerves on edge. It played with my feelings. It was an all round fabulous read.

A top class thriller that you do not want to miss.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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