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Unplanned by Alana Terry


Unplanned by Alana Terry is a fast paced contemporary Christian suspense which I really enjoyed. At its heart the focus is pro life and recognising that God has His hand on us, even when we are still in the womb.

God, too was at the centre. For some, trusting God is easy. For others, life can intrude. “What was the point in worshipping a God who wouldn’t lift His finger to rescue these precious souls?” God sees us all. He sees us before we are born. His rescue plan may not be ours but no one slips away unnoticed.

The peace of God can descend on those who trust, even in the midst of chaos. God’s peace does not announce itself loudly, but quietly and gently envelopes us, securing us in His arms.

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Because Of You by T.K. Chapin

There’s Always Hope

Because Of You by T.K. Chapin is a wonderful Christian contemporary romance which I really enjoyed. It was a fabulous storyline with a strong Godly message.

Because Of You shows how hard it is to be a military wife, especially when one’s husband is posted overseas. “The sacrifice that is made is never just the soldier. but their families as well.” There is also the presence of hope – hope in God and hope in ones loved ones.

God is a God of new beginnings. We need to trust that He is good. “Even when things seemed impossible, God was good.” God is good all the time no matter what is happening in our lives. “God doesn’t change based on our circumstances.” God always has plans for our lives. Do we trust Him enough to follow His plan and in His timing?

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Moonstone Secrets by Dawn V Cahill

Guilt Free

Moonstone Secrets by Dawn V Cahill is a Christian romantic murder mystery that will have you glued and guessing from the start. I loved it. The action twisted this way and that. I grabbed at each red herring but couldn’t predict the ending.

God is at the very heart of the novel. Twin sisters Livy and DeeDee are very close but separated by belief in God. One sees Him as all loving, the other wants nothing to do with Him. For one, it is all about relationship with God, for the other, it is about rules and regulations, hell fire and damnation, a distant God who looks down on us as pawn stars in His game. “Mom worshipped a loving God… so different from Grandpa’s conscience-hammering God.” Can the one twin move closer to the loving God of her mother?

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Witch by Denise Weimer

Beauty From Ashes: A Legacy Of Faith

Witch by Denise Weimer is a fabulous conclusion to the Restoration Trilogy but can be read as a stand-alone. It is a Christian contemporary and historical romance which I really loved.

God is at the very heart. God is a God of restoration. “God’s healing triumphed brokenness.” God loves to take our broken lives and make them whole again. This love and care is mirrored in the restoring of the old house and buildings. The care and love that Jennifer lavishes on her restoration pales into insignificance when compared with the love and care God pours into us.

This links to the theme of healing. God sees our hurt and He restores us to full spiritual health.

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