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Moonstone Secrets by Dawn V Cahill

Guilt Free

Moonstone Secrets by Dawn V Cahill is a Christian romantic murder mystery that will have you glued and guessing from the start. I loved it. The action twisted this way and that. I grabbed at each red herring but couldn’t predict the ending.

God is at the very heart of the novel. Twin sisters Livy and DeeDee are very close but separated by belief in God. One sees Him as all loving, the other wants nothing to do with Him. For one, it is all about relationship with God, for the other, it is about rules and regulations, hell fire and damnation, a distant God who looks down on us as pawn stars in His game. “Mom worshipped a loving God… so different from Grandpa’s conscience-hammering God.” Can the one twin move closer to the loving God of her mother?

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