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Beauty From Ashes by Alana Terry

Hashtag Blessing

Beauty From Ashes by Alana Terry is a heartfelt contemporary Christian novel that just tore my heart and emotions to pieces.

Written in the first person, the reader’s emotions go through the mill as we pop ourselves right in the middle of the story.

How would I feel if my baby daughter was continually fighting for life? Would I blame me? Would I blame God? Would I bargain with Him? Would I grasp at anything and everything? Beauty From Ashes is a raw account of a new Mums battle with her emotions. The reader ‘feels’ her struggles. We empathise as her actions could be any one of us.

Beauty From Ashes is a powerful story of a mother’s love, grace, forgiveness and the love of a Father for all His children.

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Infected By Alana Terry

Not A Sparrow Falls

Infected by Alana Terry is a Christian thriller which I really enjoyed. It is the sixth book in the Kennedy Stern series but can be read as a stand-alone.

I have read all the books in the series so far and it was great to catch up with familiar faces. I was completely engrossed in the action with its twists and turns. The ending caught me completely by surprise.

God is at the centre. There are old and new Christians. The new ones question all the time – both eager to grow and wondering why being a Christian does not guarantee a smooth ride through life.

The prosperity gospel was discussed and dismissed. Our faith has nothing to do with the size of our wallet and everything to do with the state of our heart.

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Turbulence by Alana Terry

Bold Faith

Turbulence by Alana Terry is a Christian suspense novel and the fifth in the Kennedy Stern series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

Once again Alana Terry has written a cracking novel focusing on real and relevant issues. The novel is full of godly themes. Alana Terry tackles questions that we all struggle with – how to be brave enough to share our faith with our friends and how inadequate we feel as a Christian in comparison with others. “She was a failure as a Christian, especially when she compared herself… to the heroes of faith.” God makes it quite clear that we are not in the comparison game. We each have a unique walk with Him. The only person we should compare ourselves with, is the person we were in the past. Our walk is ours and God’s business. Our journey will never be the same as someone else and we should never play the comparison game as we will only end up heaping guilt on ourselves.

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Straightened by Alana Terry

Unconditional Love

Straightened by Alana Terry is another fabulous Christian suspense. It is the fourth book in the Kennedy Stern series. Alana Terry writes gritty Christian fiction about relevant topics, designed to educate and inform.

Straightened deals with the topic of homosexuality. She writes with sensitivity. She also revisits the HIV topic, introduced in book three.

This world is full of hate for those different to ourselves – be it sexual orientation, skin colour, religion. This was never God’s design. God is a God of love who wants us to live in peace with each other. “I’m sad. Sad that we live in a world where people are so full of hate.” People are quick to point the finger at others. They forget we are all sinners in need of a Saviour. And they forget about God’s grace that is freely given to all.

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