Where Treetops Glisten by Tricia Goyer, Cara Putman and Sarah Sundin

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Sarah Sundin

Learning To Trust

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Sarah Sundin is a heart-warming Christian novella about trust and letting go and letting God. It is part of the collection called Where Treetops Glisten.

The story is set in America in 1943 and already there have been casualties of war. A hurting heart has been locked up but it needs freeing.

Grief consumes. There is guilt. There is anger. There is pain. Somewhere and somehow we need to learn to live again and to trust.

We can trust God. Each one of us has a God-shaped hole that only He can fill. If we try to fill it with anyone or anything that is not God, we will always be empty.

When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the start of God. When we feel empty, we need to ask God to fill us up. “If Pete gave in faith out of his nothingness, God would replenish.” As we give of ourselves, so we are filled.

We must never compare ourselves to others. The only person we should compare ourselves to is the person we used to be. “He [God] wants you to be the best Linnie you can be.” God doesn’t want us to copy others. God doesn’t write us off. God says we are uniquely and wonderfully made.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Sarah Sundin has perfectly captured life on the home front. We must live life today for there are no guarantees of tomorrow.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas is a wonderful, charming novella filled with love.


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