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Refuge Of Grace by Tracy Smoak

Faith Walk

Refuge Of Grace by Tracy Smoak is a powerful book that will enhance your journey with God. It can be read as a whole or break it down into a chapter a day as part of your daily devotions and let the words sink into your soul.

Tracy Smoak draws us near to the heart of God as she studies His word. She looks at the lives of familiar Biblical characters – David, Jeremiah, Ruth, Mary, Paul, Jonah and more – and applies their lessons to our lives today.

Each chapter has a passage connected to our contemporary lives as well as the Biblical characters. There are many Bible quotes. There are also reflections such as questions and a prayer. Each chapter invites us to look inwards and examine our lives.

As we journey through the book, there are lessons to be learnt or to remind ourselves of.

We observe that God sees us. We cannot hide any part of our lives from Him. He sees our darkest secrets and He loves us anyway. We cannot earn His love. We cannot lose His love because His love is part of His character. God is love.

We can trust God. He longs to bless us, not because we deserve it but because it pleases Him. “The Canaanite woman sought blessing, not because she ‘deserved’ it, but because she trusted God’s goodness.”

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Who Brought The Dog To Church? by Tracy L Smoak


Who Brought The Dog To Church? by Tracy Smoak is a delightful contemporary Christian novel about community, care and friendship.

The cast of characters are realistically drawn. They are an eclectic bunch whom you could meet in any small town. The women have one thing in common – compassion – where they see a need, it is met. There are some huge hearts.

There is the difficult topic of domestic violence which is sensitively portrayed by Tracy Smoak. Her style of writing enables the reader to easily picture the victim and the abuser, as we get inside their heads.

There is also the theme of loss as women struggle with grief after losing their husbands. “Only her hope in eternity kept her from going mad with grief.” Because of Jesus we can have the hope of heaven. We witness a character who thinks she is alone in her grief, without realising that others have trodden the same path. Our experiences help us to come alongside others and help them on their journeys.

Within the tale the church functions as Jesus intended. “She needed a friend who understood her sorrows and offered hope.” Women support others. The prayer chain rallies to petition God. Although a miscommunication brings some humorous results.

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Arranged With Love by Tracy Smoak

Utterly Beautiful

Arranged With Love by Tracy Smoak is a beautiful devotional that will aid your daily walk with God. As you read, the heart of the Father will connect with your heart.

The devotionals are all set around the natural world. There are beautiful photos of trees and plants. I only had a black and white version on my kindle, I can only imagine just how stunning the photos will look in a paperback colour version.

Each of the devotionals has a reading, Bible verse, prayer, photo and description. They are beautifully set out.

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Living Water To Refresh Your Soul by Tracy Smoak

So Beautiful

Living Water To Refresh Your Soul by Tracy Smoak is a simply beautiful book containing thirty devotionals that will help you in your faith walk.

Jesus is THE living water. Just as we need water to hydrate our physical bodies, we need Jesus’ words to hydrate our souls.

The devotional has thirty photographs taken in Florida. Each is serenely beautiful. The photos alone spoke to my soul.

Each of the thirty devotionals open with a photo and a description underneath. A Bible verse follows and then a prayer and a faith step. The faith step poses a question or a suggestion. It requires action on our part as we respond. As we move into action with our response, we will be drawing closer to God. As we draw closer to Him, so He moves towards us.

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