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The Substitute Bride by Carrie Fancett Pagels

God Watching Over

The Substitute BrideThe Substitute Bride by Carrie Fancett Pagels is a perfectly delightful novella set in 1890’s Shepherd, Michigan. It is a wonderful read for a cold winter’s day.

Sonja is the last remaining unmarried daughter, whom her father has threatened to turn out by Christmas if she remains unwed. Sonja has no intention of marrying just anyone and is seeking employment elsewhere when an unusual opportunity arises.

Louis Penwell spent a miserable year in his young life in the poor farm in Shepherd. He has no intention of ever returning there again. However his railroad employers have other plans. The novella shows how important it is to remain obedient to God and to listen for His voice in life. Louis’s father was saved at the church in Shepherd so there are good and bad memories associated with the town. The story shows how our earthly fathers may disappoint us and let us down but God never will.

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