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The Sea Glass Beach by Tina Pritchard

Love, Life, Grief

The Sea Glass Beach by Tina Pritchard is a marvelous historical novel that captured my imagination from the start.

The reader follows the plight of a single Mum and her daughter in Ireland after the second World War. The Catholic church set up mother and baby homes which were far from loving. We witness the courage and pluck needed to keep hold of your baby.

This courage would be needed in later life too as we witness a mother who loves her daughter enough, to give her wings to fly.

A close-knit Irish community wants to squash a free spirit. The reader follows a character across the ocean to Canada for a fresh start. Here the bracing sea air and a farming lifestyle open up new horizons.

Many people face battles we know nothing about. A character has been battling grief for years. “You can be too full of grief and burdened with memories to get on with the task of living. I’ve been just existing.” It is time to learn to live again.

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