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The Heart Ladder by Sibby Spencer

A Marvellous Debut

The Heart Ladder by Sibby Spencer is a compelling historical novel that I read in just one sitting.

The novel is set during the Vietnam war and in 2003. It is about roots. We all long to know where we come from and where we belong.

It is about actions and regrets. All our choices have consequences. Sometimes we dive straight in without thinking. We are blessed when others think ahead for us. We can spin tales and alter the stories we tell ourselves but we must not be fooled – the truth is always the truth even when we have spent a lifetime telling ourselves lies.

Family is important. As we grow up, we sometimes lose sight of ourselves and our loved ones but blood is always thicker than water.

We see the futility of war. Leaders drag the ordinary person into battle. We witness good hearts who just want to help and to heal.

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