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The Executions by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

Mightier Than The Pen

The Executions by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer is a marvellous Christian historical novel and the first book in the Choctaw Tribune series.

I was completely engrossed from the start as I travelled back to 1892 and Indian Territory. The novel surrounds the Choctaw people. They are a peaceful people with the two main characters being in charge of the local paper. “We need people to stand up and speak truth.” They will not sugar coat the news, they tell the facts and reveal the injustices. This makes them unpopular with the local white people.

The reader witnesses the horrors of the times – the lynching’s, the racial prejudices, belief that the white man is supreme. It is a time of ignorance and poor choices for some. “Things didn’t just happen. They resulted from a chain of choices that eventually… shackled a man.” We will always have the choice to do the right thing.

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