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The Christmas Admirer by Laura V Hilton

Gott Will Provide

The Christmas Admirer by Laura V Hilton is the most delightful Amish romance. There is a wonderful warm atmosphere that envelopes the reader. With snow falling and delicious food cooking, the reader can really ‘feel’ at home.

The novel is about trusting God. At times life seems hard but we need to lift our eyes from our circumstances and look to God. “Determined to praise Gott in the midst of circumstances rather than focus on the negative.” We have a choice to choose to trust God.

Trusting God means we do not need to worry. “Worry ends where faith in Gott begins.” Whatever happens, God has got our back.

People have doubts. Doubt is not the opposite of faith. Doubt can actually help our faith to grow as we question and choose to trust God. Doubt can “stretch his [our] faith.”

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