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Yoga For Beginners by Ntathu Allen

Very Helpful

Yoga For Beginners by Ntathu Allen is a powerful little book introducing the reader to the benefits of yoga and also some simple exercises.

Stress is present in many lives today. Stress is no good for us. We need to learn to relax. Ntathu Allen introduces us to breathing techniques designed to help us let go and to relax.

Yoga is good for our bodies. Simple stretches can be beneficial not only to our skeleton but also to our internal organs. Using both diagrams and words Ntathu Allen shows the reader some simple poses – either to be done sitting down on a chair or on your yoga mat.

As we concentrate on our breathing, we will help our mind and bodies to de-stress.

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Our Trespasses by Michael Cordell


Our Trespasses by Michael Cordell is a contemporary supernatural thriller that captured my attention from the start.

The story explores the inexplainable bond between twins. As I am big sister to twin brothers, I too, have witnessed the inexplainable ‘coincidences’ especially when my brothers were small.

We see that this world is not all there is. Some of the battles we fight are spiritual and we are used as pawns. Spiritual battles cannot be defeated by conventional weapons. We need the power of God and of love. We need to soften our hearts to defeat evil.

Our Trespasses was cleverly constructed. As the action built to a climax so my pulse rose in time with the tension.

Our Trespasses was a departure from my usual genre. There were elements reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies within the book. I was entertained but very glad that I was not reading it alone on a dark night!

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