Yoga For Beginners by Ntathu Allen

Very Helpful

Yoga For Beginners by Ntathu Allen is a powerful little book introducing the reader to the benefits of yoga and also some simple exercises.

Stress is present in many lives today. Stress is no good for us. We need to learn to relax. Ntathu Allen introduces us to breathing techniques designed to help us let go and to relax.

Yoga is good for our bodies. Simple stretches can be beneficial not only to our skeleton but also to our internal organs. Using both diagrams and words Ntathu Allen shows the reader some simple poses – either to be done sitting down on a chair or on your yoga mat.

As we concentrate on our breathing, we will help our mind and bodies to de-stress.

Ntathu Allen gives helpful tips throughout  and encourages us to do yoga with our children too.

Yoga For Beginners is a book that would be very helpful to all in today’s very stressful world.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.

As an aside: I have M.E. and fibromyalgia and during lockdown 2020 I was unable to swim to help keep my body moving. I discovered online yoga at that time from Leah Rebekah Yoga and then later, Yoga With Kassie. I am eternally grateful to both ladies for not only keeping my body moving but for also improving the suppleness of my body. I returned to swimming after 17 months away and now do both yoga and swimming to keep my body moving. I would recommend having an assessment for fitness to do yoga from a qualified instructor if you have any health issues. I had a one to one on zoom with Leah before starting. I would recommend yoga to all as it has certainly saved my body from seizing up.


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