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Love’s Return by T.K. Chapin

Whom To Trust


Love’s Return by T.K. Chapin is a contemporary Christian tale and the first in the Protected By Love series. It was a cracking start and great to meet up with familiar faces from the Diamond Lake series.

The main theme is trust. We need to know we can always trust God to take care of us.

Tragedies in life may be hard to get past. “Why is it so hard to pick up a Bible but so easy to pick up a bottle?” Seeking comfort and healing anywhere but in God will never work.

The novel shows the importance of friends and teamwork. We need to have people around us who will love and support us.

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In His Love by T.K. Chapin

My Heart. My Love. My Hope

In His Love by T.K. Chapin is a marvellous contemporary Christian story that deals with homosexuality and the Christian response. In His Love is neither judgemental nor ‘preachy’. It is a realistic read that focuses on a mother’s love for her son.

This can be extended out to the love of God for all His children. The novel reveals that there are some bigoted people in the world but true Christians who have the Spirit of God living inside them, see people to love and not labels to hate.

The novel has a mystery to solve. Reporter John, will do anything to uncover the truth. The truth at all times is important. No one should live a lie.

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The Lies We Believe by T.K.Chapin

Hidden Dangers

The Lies We Believe by T.K. Chapin is a contemporary Christian suspense that had me hooked from the start.

The novel warns against the dangers of being sucked into Christian cults. Everything seems plausible on the surface but if Jesus and His Word are not at the centre, it is wrong.

There is the love of a father who will do anything to protect and rescue his daughter. This is a motif for God and us. God will always go the extra mile for one of His children. He will leave the ninety nine to look for the one who is lost.

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Because Of You by T.K. Chapin

There’s Always Hope

Because Of You by T.K. Chapin is a wonderful Christian contemporary romance which I really enjoyed. It was a fabulous storyline with a strong Godly message.

Because Of You shows how hard it is to be a military wife, especially when one’s husband is posted overseas. “The sacrifice that is made is never just the soldier. but their families as well.” There is also the presence of hope – hope in God and hope in ones loved ones.

God is a God of new beginnings. We need to trust that He is good. “Even when things seemed impossible, God was good.” God is good all the time no matter what is happening in our lives. “God doesn’t change based on our circumstances.” God always has plans for our lives. Do we trust Him enough to follow His plan and in His timing?

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