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Secondhand Sunsets by Gail Kittleson

Restoring The Years

Second Hand Sunsets by Gail Kittleson is a marvellous Christian historical novel set from 1863 during the American Civil War and its aftermath.

The novel is about the loss of family and the grief that follows as one looks back over the memories. An unscrupulous character takes advantage of another’s grief, leading her where she would not normally go. Grief blinds to the present situation.

Cruel words spoken over us may linger. We believe what we are told even if it is a lie. A character believes she is no good and deserves everything she gets as she is manipulated by another.

There is the difficult topic of domestic abuse. “Why’dja make me do it?” It is important to remember that abuse is not our fault, we do not deserve it and we must seek help to escape it.

We need to listen to the life affirming voice of God who says we are loved. A character hears her father’s voice tell her “No matter how dirty you get, I will always find you, dear daughter.” This is a picture of God who always seeks us out, to love us no matter what situations we are in. No one is ever out of reach of His hand.

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