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Wedding Bells At Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett

Of Love And Healing

Wedding Bells At Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett is the most delightful and heart-warming contemporary novel that will restore your heart in the goodness of people. Butterfly Cove is a place where the hurt can receive healing and love.

Sometimes life just deals blow after blow. No matter what we do it is never good enough. Our desire for approval in childhood may follow us into adulthood. “The wounded boy who lurked in his soul.” We need to deal with the root cause before we can heal.

Words spoken over us will define us if we are not careful. Continually hearing we are not good enough may mean we believe it. “He wondered how many other things were on the list of stuff she wasn’t very good at and who… had made her believe it.” We all need to guard our tongue. It is a powerful weapon wounding far deeper than we realise.

There is the hard theme of an abusive marriage. It breaks the reader’s heart to witness the words that rain down destroying lives and crushing souls. There is much fall out.

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Snowflakes At Lavender Bay by Sarah Bennett

Fulfilling One’s Dreams

Snowflakes At Lavender Bay by Sarah Bennett is the most delightful contemporary tale to warm every heart. It is the third book in the Lavender Bay series but can be read as a stand-alone. This is a wonderful series. I have decided I would love to move into Lavender Bay where there are no strangers, just potential new friends.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming – like hot chocolates with marshmallows or a roaring log fire. The reader just sinks into the book with ease. Characters open their hearts and homes to all. Generosity is the order of the day.

With witty dialogue and amusing moments, a light heartedness hovers over the novel. There are serious themes of searching for roots and to belong. Sometimes we are looking for a home, only to realise we are already there. A home is where we are loved and there is much love in the novel.

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Summer At Lavender Bay by Sarah Bennett

It’s Always Yes

Summer At Lavender Bay by Sarah Bennett is a deliciously warm, welcoming, fun contemporary read and just perfect for a summer’s day.

There are some wonderful descriptions that make the book come alive for the reader. We ‘feel’ welcomed in the pub, on the farm and at the beach. We ‘feel’ included in the story.

Community is important as everybody looks out for everybody else. “One of the perks of growing up in a small town… everyone kind of adopts each other.” Small town living definitely has big advantages.

The cold, clinical atmosphere of Heathrow contrasts sharply with the huge welcome in an English pub. The world seems to move from a harsh blueness to a warm glow, making everyone feel better.

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