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Starlight Over Bluebell Castle by Sarah Bennett

Believe In Fairy Tales

Starlight Over Bluebell Castle by Sarah Bennett is the most delightful contemporary tale of castles and romance. The reader sinks into the novel and is cocooned within the story. Bluebell Castle is a place where you can begin to believe in fairy tales.

The book is a perfect read on a grey, gloomy autumnal day as its atmosphere will brighten up the reader’s heart. Set in the Derbyshire Dales in the run up to Christmas, the reader eagerly anticipates the snow and the excitement to come.

Christmas is a time for dreams to come true. Planning the perfect Christmas ignites the reader’s heart with warmth.

There is a wonderful, welcoming feel to the whole novel. They “had a knack of absorbing people into their family.” Even the reader feels included.

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