Wedding Bells At Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett

Of Love And Healing

Wedding Bells At Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett is the most delightful and heart-warming contemporary novel that will restore your heart in the goodness of people. Butterfly Cove is a place where the hurt can receive healing and love.

Sometimes life just deals blow after blow. No matter what we do it is never good enough. Our desire for approval in childhood may follow us into adulthood. “The wounded boy who lurked in his soul.” We need to deal with the root cause before we can heal.

Words spoken over us will define us if we are not careful. Continually hearing we are not good enough may mean we believe it. “He wondered how many other things were on the list of stuff she wasn’t very good at and who… had made her believe it.” We all need to guard our tongue. It is a powerful weapon wounding far deeper than we realise.

There is the hard theme of an abusive marriage. It breaks the reader’s heart to witness the words that rain down destroying lives and crushing souls. There is much fall out.

The theme of mothers runs throughout. Some are poor examples of parenting. Others would protect their children with their lives. We are never too old to not need our mother’s love.

Two darling children weave their way into both our hearts and the hearts of the characters. We long to reach out and wrap them in love.

The oppressive air of the city contrasts with the freedom of the sea air. The setting mirrors the lives of the characters. The warm atmosphere of Butterfly Cove is infectious as huge hearts throw open their homes to hurting strangers. Butterfly Cove is a place of healing and love.

I adore Sarah Bennett’s writings. She always leaves me smiling even though she deals with real life issues. There is a fun element with love and laughter along the way that mingles with the tears.

A wonderful, feel-good read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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