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Let Love Spring by Various

Warm And Delightful

Let Love Spring is a delightful, warm collection of three Christian historical romances. All with their unique tales but very similar themes. All three stories will warm your heart and speak to your soul. A perfect collection for an afternoon’s light reading.

An Angel For The Cowboy by Jodie Wolfe has a warm family feeling that simply exudes from the story. There is the theme of putting others first reminding the reader of the Naomi and Ruth story in the Bible. Eldest sister Essie will go to extraordinary lengths to protect and nurture her sisters. The theme of hospitality is also present as the sisters open their home to a stranger. Family is important. Without it, it feels as if something is missing.

A delightful story to kick off the trio.

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More Than She Dreamt by Sandy Faye Mauck

God Will Provide

Sandy FayeMore Than She Dreamt by Sandy Faye Mauck is a delightful Christian historical novel set in 1905 and I absolutely loved it.

There are many good books in the world but this one is something extra special. It has the ability to really get into and speak to your heart. It is beautifully written and full of godly truths that will penetrate your soul. It has a magical fairytale touch, but is so much more than that. It is just simply wonderful. My words can never do it justice, you need to experience More Than She Dreamt for yourself.

Young widow Katie is mother to two young children, Sarah and Jeremy who are delightful. There are some truly touching moments  with the children and there are definitely times when the reader is laughing out loud at the Jeremy isms! Sandy Faye Mauck really knows how children talk as she has captured the pair beautifully.

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