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Revealing Light by Marilyn Turk

Shine His Light

Revealing Light by Marilyn Turk is a delightful historical Christian novel. It is the second book in the Coastal Lights Legacy series but can be read as a  stand-alone. I enjoyed catching up with familiar faces. This book is set in 1883, twenty two years after book one and follows Sally Rose who was just a baby in the previous book.

There is the theme of identity. Jim Crow laws forbids mixed race marriages in the South. This forces a character to hide who she truly is. It is also an alien concept to her as she was brought up in the North. “Colour didn’t matter where she grew up.” It is also plain wrong and was one of the issues the Civil War was fought over.

Life has been hard and a character has drifted from God. “I thought God had forsaken me… so I decided I wouldn’t bother Him anymore.” God never leaves us but walks with us through all the seasons of life. In times of desperation, a character decides calling out to God really is the only option.

We are called to live out God’s Word. “Both men knew the Word. And lived it.” To truly walk in the way of Jesus is very beautiful to witness.

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