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Hearts Entwined by Various

Do You Have A Favourite?

Hearts Entwined is a most delightful collection of four novellas. They are linked by themes of dreams, trust, huge hearts for others and for God. The stories are all heart warming and wonderful. It is hard to pick a favourite with such delightful characters and plotlines – but I think I have one that is my favourite – have a read and see if you have one too.

The Love Knot by Karen Witemeyer is a delightful tale to kick off this collection. There are themes of family, trust, pride, forgiveness, hurt, grace and love. The characters were wonderfully drawn – even down to baby Liam. Feelings of warmth and protectiveness oozed from the story. Life is for living. We cannot let the past hold us back. We learn from the lessons of the past and with a leap of faith, step into the future.

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Holding The Fort by Regina Jennings

Amusing And Entertaining

Holding The Fort by Regina Jennings is a really fun historical Christian romance. It is the first book in the Fort Reno romance series and what a wonderful series it promises to be.

The characters were realistic and well drawn. The leading lady is a delightful mix of confident yet vulnerable with a kind heart and an amusing personality.

We all play roles in life. The person we present to the world may be very different from the ‘real’ us. Holding The Fort explores the different roles people play – from upright soldier to the caring father; from saloon girl to tender hearted young woman; from young buffoon to brave rescuer. Each personality is multifaceted, adapting to the situation one finds oneself in.

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At Love’s Bidding by Regina Jennings

An Open Heart To Others

At Love's BiddingAt Love’s Bidding by Regina Jennings is the second historical Christian novel to be set at Ozarks. It was wonderful to meet up with familiar characters and to enjoy the antics of Betsy again. It can however be read as a stand-alone, as the focus of the novel is on two new characters, Wyatt and Miranda.

Miranda’s family own a prestigious auction house in Boston. When a painting is accidentally sold and mailed to Missouri, Miranda and her grandfather travel there, in the hopes of recovering the painting. Here they meet Wyatt, an adopted son of the Ballantines, who works in an auction house. Together they search for the painting, unaware of the consequences and the life changing effect.

At Love’s Bidding is a delightful novel with many different themes, and with God at the centre. Both Wyatt and Miranda are good, faith filled people trying to live lives that honour Jesus. They both have hearts for the poor and the hurting. In them we see the commandment being lived out of ‘taking care of the widows and orphans’. They both see beyond people’s clothes and stations, looking into their hearts.

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A Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings

Amusing and Grounded In God

A most inconvenient marriageA Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings is a Christian historical romance. It is a highly amusing read that had me smiling over some of the situations portrayed. It was a comedy of errors with various plots and match making.

Abigail nurses the injured prisoners during the American Civil War. On his deathbed Jeremiah Calhoun marries her, leaving her his ranch and horses, and extracting a promise that she will nurse his sister Rachel, and take care of his mother. Following the war, Abigail is welcomed with open arms by Jeremiah’s Ma. Abigail is making a success of the farm when her life is interrupted by the arrival of Jeremiah himself! This is most inconvenient, especially as Abigail has never seen this Jeremiah Calhoun before. Who did Abigail marry? Who is the real Jeremiah?

The novel deals with a number of themes, including that of forgiveness. Rachel harbours unforgiveness in her soul, it oozes from every pore, making her bad tempered and bitter. Can she ever be persuaded to let go of her grudge and anger?

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