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Springs Of Love by Various

Feel Good Tales

Springs Of Love is a collection of three delightful tales that will warm the reader’s heart and make them feel good.

The Kissing Bridge by Laura V Hilton is a delightful start to this Amish trio. With themes of faith, trust and God’s plans, the reader is in for a real treat. “We are not saved by joining the Amish church… we’re saved by faith.” Buildings don’t save people, only God does that. Seeking Him first and listening for His voice are the best way to live life. There is the difficult topic of violence due to anger issues. The tale is covered by love – both human and divine. A wonderful read.

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Buried Secrets by Rachel J Good

Healing Hearts

Buried Secrets by Rachel J Good is a delightful Amish romance and one that I devoured in just two sittings.

Buried Secrets has many themes including healing. A physical healing and a healing of hearts and spirits.

Linked to the theme of healing is that of fear. Fear can consume us. “Stuck in this prison of terror.” Often “facing her fears was the last thing she wanted to do” but it is necessary for healing. Fear can affect not just our mental state but our physical body too. With love, care and compassion one can face ones fears and conquer them.

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Change Of Heart by Rachel J Good

A Clear Conscience

ChangeChange Of Heart by Rachel J Good is a contemporary Amish romance and the first in the Sisters And Friends series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the subsequent books.

Rachel Good explores what happens when the Amish and Englisch worlds collide. The reader finds it easy to empathise with both sides of the same coin from the Amish viewpoint.

The life of the Amish is laid out in the novel and there is much to recommend it. God is very much at the heart. Lydia has to decide whether to put God first in her life. To put Him above her family, friends and her own desires. “Sometimes the pull of the world is strong. But the pull of God is stronger.” Continue reading