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Nothing More by Autumn Macarthur

Never Too Late

Nothing More by Autumn Macarthur is a wonderful Christian novel that will warm your heart. It is part of the Love In Store series and is also found in the Three Weddings collection.

It is refreshing to have the two lead characters about seventy years old. They are proof that while there is breath in our body, God still has plans for our lives. We need to trust Him. It is never too late to “hand[ing] the future over to God.”

One of the characters is having cancer treatment. Her diagnosis altered her outlook on life as she re-arranged her priorities. What had previously seemed important – wealth and status- pales beside the love of your family. A personal epiphany u-turns her life as she is redeemed by God (before the book started).

We are never too old to have a fresh start with God. “Maybe it was time to ask God into his life.” There is much rejoicing in heaven whenever a prodigal returns home. “He may have given up on God, but God hadn’t given up on him.” God will never forget about us. Our names are engraved on His heart.

There is the theme of forgiveness. Sometimes we need others to forgive us and sometimes we need to forgive ourselves.

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