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No Neutral Ground by Terri Wangard

Deep Roots

No Neutral GroundNo Neutral Ground by Terri Wangard is a Christian historical novel and book two in the Promise For Tomorrow series. It can however be read as a stand-alone. The action takes place during 1944 in America, Scotland, England and Sweden,

Rafe fled Germany in 1936 with his mother and siblings as his mother was Jewish but also has Swedish ancestry. They settled in America. Jennie lives in America and also has Swedish relatives. Rafe and Jennie’s paths cross aboard the Queen Mary as they sail for Scotland in 1944.

No Neutral Ground shows the horrors of war for both the armed forces and civilians. There is a lot of action surrounding the air force. The life expectancy for air crews was just six weeks. Friendships are hard to come by as they could be gone in an instant. Terri Wangard has clearly done her research as the details of the planes and the bombing missions is extensive.

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