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The Cornish Rebel by Nicola Pryce

Live In Hope

The Cornish Rebel by Nicola Pryce is a marvellous historical novel that consumed me from the start.

The action is set in 1801 in Cornwall. It is a time of change as we hear about the prospect of new turnpike roads being built. The world is teetering on a new era with new chemical discoveries being made that will aid with road building. Also, there are those who are concerned with the health of the tin miners.

Women were second class citizens to men but within the novel we meet some very strong, forward-thinking women.

Much of the story surrounds a girls school threatened with closure. Perseverance and determination are the characteristics of both an aunt and her niece. Both also have philanthropic hearts that want to help the plight of poor, disadvantaged girls. They believe that education should be available for all, with equal footings to all the girls in their care.

Jealousy is a terrible master. It corrupts and blackens hearts.

Animals are often good judges of character, as a dog proves in the tale.

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