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My Father’s House by Joseph O’Connor

Extraordinary Bravery

My Father’s House by Joseph O’Connor is a comprehensive historical novel that will educate you as you read.

The novel is set in occupied Rome in 1943. It has its’ roots in fact but is a work of fiction set around real life personalities.

There are two alternating time periods – Rome 1943 leading up to Christmas Eve and 1963 with a series of interviews and musings from various characters. The tale has been well planned and executed.

There is a complex cast of characters from various countries who are working together to help the Jewish people escape from Rome. We hear of the Nazi leader of occupied Rome who rules with a reign of terror. In contrast, he is also a family man. It is very strange to witness these distinct personalities existing in one man. The family man does not sit easy, in my mind, with the brutal sadistic personality.

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My Father’s House by Rose Chandler Johnson

Knowing The Way Home

HouseMy Father’s House by Rose Chandler Johnson is a gripping Christian romance. It tackles some hard hitting topics but over it all there is love – the love of a Father for His children.

God’s presence permeates the novel. He is what keeps Lily Rose going. Through all circumstances she looks to God. She talks to God and she thanks God. “Thank you God. Thank you so much.” Lily Rose recognises God’s hand on her life. “An angel was watching over me… Thank you Lord.” Another character says “I never go nowhere without Him.” Whatever we face in life, facing it with God makes the way bearable.

The novel shows the importance of being equally yoked in a marriage. “Does he know Jesus?” is the most important question to ask before embarking on a life together. God longs for His children to know Him and to include Him in their marriage.

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