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The Curing Room by Michael Winn

Thrilling And Cleverly Constructed

The Curing Room by Michael Winn is a nail biting, heart racing contemporary psychological murder suspense that will certainly keep you on your toes.

Michael Winn cleverly constructs a unique plotline that manipulates the reader’s thoughts and emotional responses. I congratulated myself on the fact that I had solved the questions raised – how wrong was I? I read The Curing Room in just one sitting, pausing only to eat! I just could not put it down.

The action is told from two alternating points of view and in the first person. As such, the reader has two characters warring in your head. Sympathies arise, sides are chosen – can you pick the correct side?

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The Book Of Joe B by Michael Winn

Bringing Him Home

The Book Of Joe B by Michael Winn is a contemporary retelling of the Old Testament story of Job.

Michael Winn has bought the story bang up to date whilst retaining the familiar structure of the Biblical tale. It is set in America around school teacher Joe B.

As with the original story, Joe B finds himself in the middle of a wager between God and the devil.

Michael Winn writes in such a way that he engages the modern audience. You do not need to be a Christian in order to enjoy and relate to this book. Michael Winn injects a large dose of humour into his novel, as well as imparting godly wisdom. “When the world is dark, you are called to be the light.” He also debunks the myth “If you follow the rules, good things will happen.” We are all aware that bad things happen to good people and that Christians are not immune to bad stuff happening.

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