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Nothing To Lose by Michael Garrett

A Life Of Love

Nothing To Lose by Michael Garrett is a contemporary Christian thriller that has its roots in God and in love.

It is a beautiful love story – the love of one man who is motivated by loyalty, love and kindness. He believes he needs to leave a legacy and that legacy is love. He loves against the odds. “Love doesn’t come with an on and off switch.” His love and kindness are catching – not only by other characters but love leaps from the pages.

This is the story of a man with the correct set of priorities. “I’d rather have time to myself than make more money.” Success in business cannot be compared to living a life of love.

This is a man who loves God. He knows that bad things happen to good people. They are not caused by God. Like Job, he is faithful, loving God through all circumstances. His faith is catching.

There are times of great sadness and tissues are needed. “It’s moments like this when people need God the most. Or at least I do.” We need God at all times.

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Nothing To Lose by Michael Garrett

A Sneak Peak At The Cover

Book Blurb


A murder occurs in a prominent northern Arizona family . . .

Derrick Walton is on a mission to atone for his sins, putting his own life at risk to save a woman in distress.

Larissa Baxter is a gorgeous Arizona socialite who has always relied on her striking beauty to get what she wants. After being falsely arrested for murder and posting bail, however, she faces life in prison. On the run, she must do what, to her, is the unthinkable–de-emphasize her looks to appear as average as possible and avoid undue attention.

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Captive by Michael Garrett


Captive by Michael Garrett is a thrilling Christian contemporary suspense that drew me in from the start.

The opening chapter raised many questions, before we went back in time six days in chapter two to see what had led up to that moment. It was an edge of your seat moment as we realized something out of character had occurred.

We witness how pressures on a character over time can become a melting pot that bubbles over, causing a path down which one would not usually travel.

Actions always have consequences – for good or bad – and we must be prepared to face them.

Temptation is a major theme. “We’re all tempted; it’s how we resolve the temptation that’s important.” Even Jesus was tempted in the desert. We must stand on the word of God to defeat the enemy. Sometimes the enemy is within and it is us who need reminding of who God is. We always have the choice to repent, confess and return to the straight path.

We see the importance of trusting God. “It was all he could do for her. The rest would be in God’s hands.” We do what we can, and trust God to do what we can’t.

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Over The Edge by Michael Garrett

Nail Bitingly Good

Over The Edge by Michael Garrett is a compulsive contemporary Christian suspense that completely took over my life for a few hours! This book will deprive you of sleep, it is completely absorbing!

Michael Garrett is a masterful storyteller whose comprehensives descriptions paint the scenes in glorious Technicolor for the reader.

Michael Garrett chooses his words with care enabling the reader to reach a state of heightened suspense and tension as the novel progresses towards its’ climax – I must admit I did not see that one coming!

The handprints of God are evidenced throughout. “He’d [God] led her through… her life even when she ignored Him.” God has His hands on our hearts even though we do not realise it. God walks beside us, longing for us to notice Him.

“God had believed in her before she believed in herself.” We see the importance of loving the skin we are in. We need to see ourselves as God sees us.

Faith is important. We need to own our faith and be responsible. “Skipped daily Bible readings had become more frequent, her prayers shorter… A weakening faith caused an empty feeling.” Inside each of us is a God-shaped hole that only He can fill. We need to stay connected to Him. Daily Bible reading and prayers are the building blocks of our faith. “Still nagging at the back of her mind… was the anxiety of feeling her faith slipping away.” If we feel ourselves moving away from God, we need to re-centre our lives.

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