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Love On The Rocks by Kerry Evelyn

Perfect Love

Love On The Rocks by Kerry Evelyn is a marvellous contemporary Christian novel and the second book in a series but can be read as a stand-alone as I had not read book one.

Love On The Rocks was unique in that its focus was on a character recovering from a serious brain injury six years earlier. The reader witnesses the lead character’s struggles as she realises she will never be the person she once was. At times it is all too much. “The solution was… not to be found in a shot of whiskey.” Drink is never the answer. Trusting in God and resting in His arms is.

Life sometimes makes no sense even with God. “Why God hadn’t prevented Kat’s accident.” Without God, life makes even less sense. We need to stay close to God. “He would wait for God’s whisper and obey His timing.” God’s timing is always perfect but waiting can be hard.

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