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Love On The Rocks by Kerry Evelyn is a marvellous contemporary Christian novel and the second book in a series but can be read as a stand-alone as I had not read book one.

Love On The Rocks was unique in that its focus was on a character recovering from a serious brain injury six years earlier. The reader witnesses the lead character’s struggles as she realises she will never be the person she once was. At times it is all too much. “The solution was… not to be found in a shot of whiskey.” Drink is never the answer. Trusting in God and resting in His arms is.

Life sometimes makes no sense even with God. “Why God hadn’t prevented Kat’s accident.” Without God, life makes even less sense. We need to stay close to God. “He would wait for God’s whisper and obey His timing.” God’s timing is always perfect but waiting can be hard.

Within the novel the reader sees the importance of animals. “Animals were powerful therapeutic tools.” People can connect with animals when they cannot connect with people. Animals love unconditionally. They only ask for love in return.

There are many Godly lessons within the novel. There is a discussion on faith and fear. “Only fear or faith can reside in your heart.” We need to realise that fear comes from the enemy. We must cling on to our faith in God when fear threatens to overwhelm.

The novel is about love – a love that thinks of another before self. Love in action as described in 1 Corinthians 13. It is beautiful to witness.

I loved Love On The Rocks. The characters warmed my heart. I sank into the novel and let the action and love wash over me. A wonderful read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



About Love on the Rocks
Kat Daniels regrets the day she chose barrel racing over her fiancé. After a year of reckless choices that led to an incident she’d like to forget, she’s back in Crane’s Cove wondering how it all went wrong and trying to pick up the pieces. Easton Crane has loved Kat for as long as he can remember. But when she shows up after rejecting his proposal a year ago, he’s more confused than ever. After all, he’s already sacrificed six years of his life to care for her after her traumatic brain injury. If his proposal couldn’t keep her in town, what was it that brought her back? Was it him or was Kat hiding something? When a hurricane hits Crane’s Cove and threatens the life of Kat’s beloved horse, the two are faced with the challenge of working together to save her. Can they battle the storm of old memories and wounds to rebuild their love stronger than before?
About Author Kerry Evelyn
Kerry Evelyn has always been fascinated by people and the backstories that drive them to do what they do. A native of the Massachusetts SouthCoast, she changed her latitude in 2002 and is now a crazy blessed wife and homeschooling mom in Orlando. She loves God, books of all kinds, traveling, taking selfies, sweet drinks, and escaping into her imagination, where every child is happy and healthy, every house has a library, and her hubby wears coattails and a top hat 24/7.
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  1. I read this book and it was very good! The characters became my friends! I also read the first one and loved that one also! Waiting for the next!

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