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In The Heart Of The Garden by Leah Fleming

Through The Ages

In The Heart Of The Garden by Leah Fleming is a marvellous epic tale of a garden through nearly a thousand years.

The reader is there at the start as the land is cultivated and two families meet. We journey down the years and through the generations sharing the births and deaths, the smiles and tears of those who tend the garden. The whole tale hangs together with the present day owner, an octogenarian named Iris. Her story is interwoven with the stories from the past.

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The Glovemaker’s Daughter by Leah Fleming

Educating And Entertaining

The Glovemaker’s Daughter by Leah Fleming is an epic historical novel set in the seventeenth century and following the fortunes of the Quaker movement from Yorkshire to Pennsylvania.

The reader is in for a real treat as we witness a strong faith that survives persecution, the high seas, illness, hostile Native Americans and much more. Not all Native Americans were fierce. There were those who befriended the settlers and helped them.

These first settlers were to be commended for their bravery and tenacity as they struggled to set down roots. There was a sense of community, although there were still those who would take advantage.

An absolutely marvelous read that will educate and entertain.




The Girl Under The Olive Tree by Leah Fleming

Remembering The Fight For Their Homes

oliveThe Girl Under The Olive Tree by Leah Fleming is both a contemporary and historical tale. It is set in Greece and Crete during the World War II years and 2001. It is an epic story of love and loss, friends and enemies, good and evil. The Mediterranean atmosphere is evoked by Leah Fleming’s use of language. The reader can almost ‘feel’ the heat. There is both beauty and horror in the landscape “How could there be such devastation on such a beautiful day?”

The story focuses on two brave Red Cross nurses. Their job was to heal the wounded regardless of their nationality. “I have taken vows to nurse all sick, no matter what their nation or religion.”

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The Postcard by Leah Fleming

A Mother’s Instinct

PostcardThe Postcard by Leah Fleming is another masterpiece from a wonderful story-teller. It is an epic tale spanning almost a century. The Postcard deals with love and loss, war and peace, and over it all is the love of mothers.

The action is set over several countries – Scotland, England, Egypt, Germany, Australia to name but a few. Within The Postcard fact meets fiction and is woven into a fabulous novel.

The novel is told in the third person from several viewpoints. The reader really gets to know the characters who are all realistically drawn. Leah Fleming really has a great talent for creating characters that come alive and live inside the reader’s head.

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